On March 9th, 2011 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council spoke at the FEGS Entrepreneur Event. They discussed their business experiences, debunked business myths, what they would change if they could do it over, their biggest business failures, and took audience questions.
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Suze Orman on the American Dream

Last week financial guru Suze Orman was on WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s program Roundtable to discuss her book and the American Dream today.

WAMC: Suze Orman – The Money Class (2011-04-08).

Since she is a financial advisor, and a pretty brash one at that if you have ever seen her show, her angle is mostly on the financial aspects of the American Dream. She says the new American Dream is more focused on living within our means but meeting our needs, not to buy a huge house if we cant afford it. Her interview here is focusing on how to do that from credit scores, to investments, to money planning.

Its definitely a worth while listen (and remember to support you local public radio station so programs like this can continue!)

Our All American Dream

Steven contacted me last week to show me his new blog Our All American Dream. He found himself unemployed and looking for a shared sense of community, connection, and experiences with his fellow unemployed brethren. Here is a small quote from him relating to the the American Dream-

“The indignation over “My American Dream” is beginning to fade. The dream of my grandparents and parents. The dream that said if you worked hard, did well you would get ahead. The dream that said if you saved you would be able afford a home, provide for your family. The anger over that dream is all but gone. There is nothing to replace that dream, it is just simply gone. I no longer know if that is a good or a bad thing anymore. I guess it is just one of those things you begin to notice as life runs its course.”

Please check out his blog for more info about him and his experiences.