Randy’s stills from the Rally to Restore Sanity

On Oct 30, my good friend and fellow filmmaker Randy Calderone joined me in attending the Rally to Restore Sanity. Randy is a very talented photographer and filmmaker and was one of the photographers who hung his work at the “One American Dream?” fundraiser in June. You can see more of his work on his website or at Aspect Change where he is a featured photographer.

While at the rally, Randy took some great stills of the interviewing (as well as the people spelling out American Dream… which maybe the DVD cover…). Check them out-

Amorphous not Vacuous

I met Matt on the National Mall after the Rally to Restore Sanity on Oct 30 and I feel that he deserves his own post.

First how we met him. As Randy (another filmmaker and great friend who was helping me since Keith still lives in SF) were interviewing another group we noticed a group of young adults with letters on their shirts, the combination of the ones we could see were starting to spell out two very familiar words. When I approached them and asked what they were spelling, Matt told me “the American Dream”. Now that’s something we have to get on tape.

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Politics Politics Politics

As some of you may now, I have spent the last two weekends of October in Washington D.C. attending and interviewing people at two very different rallies. The main motivation for me going was the question “why has the American Dream become a political issue?”.

In today’s political and social environment, especially after the midterm election, this is a very hot issue. The midterm election brought about a change in government, whether you like the new House’s ideology or not, they are the new leaders until the next election in two years. Their policy decisions effect everyone of us economically, socially, and politically. This can have a direct effect on you being able to achieve your American Dream or the past government could have had that effect and this is one step in to help you on your path to achieve your American Dream. It depends on what your political views are.
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